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Depression - news

Ultra-processed food linked to higher risk of depression, research finds
Anaemia afflicts nearly 1 in 4 people worldwide, but there are practical strategies for reducing it
Food supplementation with coconut oil can cause obesity, study shows
Eating emulsifiers during pregnancy and lactation linked to health risks in mouse offspring
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Gut microbes are the community within you that you can't live without – how eating well can cultivate your microbial and social self
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The Three Channels of Gut-Brain Communication
Obesity and Mental Health: A Surprisingly Strong Connection
Food for thought: South European Atlantic diet shows promising link to lower depression risk
New data demonstrates potential role of probiotic supplementation in adults with major depressive disorder
Is Integrative Psychiatry Going Mainstream?
That salad isn’t just good for your nutrition–it may help stave off depression
Critical Brain Nutrients: Evidence that Current Dietary Advice Harms Mental Health – and Potential Solutions
Could low iron be making mental health symptoms worse?
A student's poor eating habits can lead to a lifetime of illness, says researcher
The Mediterranean diet: Good for your health and your wallet, says study
A larger dose of vitamin D may decrease psychiatric symptoms at school age
Eating too much ultra-processed food could induce depression
Is there an association between the consumption of ultra-processed food and adverse microbiota-gut-brain axis implications?
Switching meat and milk for plant-based copies misses vital nutrients
Feeling Stressed? It Might Be Your Liver Calling
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Effects of single plant-based vs. animal-based meals on satiety and mood
How diet affects a child's mental health
Could vitamin D help ward off suicide?
Magnesium: what you need to know about this important micronutrient
Fatty liver disease endangers brain health
People can have food sensitivities without noticeable symptoms – long-term consumption of food allergens may lead to behaviour and mood changes
Netflix psychiatrist Phil Stutz says 85% of early therapy gains are down to lifestyle changes. Is he right?
3 Outstanding Food Swaps to Improve Brain Health
Obesity medicine expert discusses the connection between metabolism and mental health
Fermented foods and fibre may lower stress levels – new study
Food for thought: Study finds link between depression and unhealthy diets
Eating well and avoiding the news gave the best mental health outcomes during COVID
Study finds folic acid treatment is associated with decreased risk of suicide attempts
Vitamin D could alleviate depression and support women’s health
Nutritional Treatments: The Next Frontier in Psychiatry
Higher dose of omega-3 fatty acid reduced Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) in overweight adults at 12 weeks
Is Some Depression Actually Insulin Resistance?
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8 Foods That Contribute to Anxiety and Depression
Could consuming processed foods contribute to poor mental health?
Diet can influence mood, behavior and more – a neuroscientist explains
Vitamin D supplements reduce depressive symptoms in adults - new meta-analysis
High-dose Vitamin B6 supplements may improve anxiety and mood - clinical trial
Food for thought: nutrition as a treatment for mental health conditions
FAB Research Webinar - Nutrition for ADHD and Neurodiverse Minds