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14 June 2016 - BRIGHTON - FAB SEMINAR: Feeding Better Behaviour, Learning and Mood: The Gut, Brain and Nutrition Connection

Start Date: 14 June 2016

End Date: 14 June 2016

Duration 3.5 hours

Location Brighton

Venue Jury's Waterfront Hotel, Kings Road, Brighton, BN1 2GS

2016 UK Regional Seminar Programme - BRIGHTON
Food and Behaviour Research is internationally known for the quality of its events and speakers, aimed at updating our many audiences on both the latest research evidence, and expert professional guidance on 'best practice'.

Following the success of our 2015 UK Regional seminar series, this programme continues in 2016, involving a series of early evening workshops and seminars providing a concise yet comprehensive overview of current research and practice in nutrition and mental health.

These seminars have CPD accreditation from the Association for Nutrition, and include coverage of a wide range of topics of interest not only to nutrition and health professionals or students and researchers, but also to those working in education, social services and allied areas, and/or food and catering - as well as to the general public.


Feeding Better Behaviour, Learning and Mood: The Gut, Brain and Nutrition Connection - Brighton, Tuesday 14th June 2016  

Difficulties with mood, behaviour and learning are an ever-increasing problem in the UK and other developed countries.  Conditions like ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism Spectrum Disorders have reached record levels, as have anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions, across all ages.  Milder forms of these disorders are also common, leaving families and health professionals struggling to cope.

The surge in conditions relating to mental health, wellbeing and performance is linked to rising rates of many physical health problems that are known to be diet-related: from obesity and diabetes, to allergies and other immune system conditions.  New scientific research shows how mental and physical disorders often occur together, and how the highly complex links between our guts, brains and immune systems are heavily influenced by what we are eating.* 

This seminar presents the latest scientific evidence on how diet influences learning, mood and behaviour, examines the potential for positive clinical and personal outcomes, and introduces practical, cost-effective strategies for prevention and management of disorders affecting mental health, wellbeing and performance.


5.00 pm onwards: Registration, informal networking, and light refreshments
6.00 - 8.30pm: Presentations, and discussion / Q&A


Dr Alex Richardson Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Evidence Based Intervention, University of Oxford; Founder Director, FAB Research
Kevin Williamson, Senior Nutritionist, Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust

Outline of Presentations

  • Why Nutrition Matters for Mood, Behaviour and Learning: An Overview.
  • How to influence food choices in the context of current food culture.
  • Evidence-Based Dietary Interventions for Behaviour and Learning in Clinical and General Populations.
  • Nutrition science in practice – how do we decide what’s worth trying?
Contact Information: FAB Research 07486 367762