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Food Additives - News

FAB Research Webinar - Nutrition for ADHD and Neurodiverse Minds
What you eat can reprogram your genes – an expert explains the emerging science of nutrigenomics
Artificial Sweeteners during pregnancy may affect baby's microbiome and increase obesity risk
Your gut senses the difference between real sugar and artificial sweetener
Junk food and the brain: How modern diets lacking in micronutrients may contribute to angry rhetoric
Ubiquitous food additive alters human microbiota and intestinal environment
Why nitrates and nitrites in processed meats are harmful – but those in vegetables aren’t
Looking to lose weight? Diet drinks might not be the sweet spot: study
Healthy diets linked to better mental health and wellbeing
Increasing your risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) through processed food
Lab analysis finds near-meat and meat are not nutritionally equivalent
Study shows potential dangers of sweeteners
Mouse studies find sugar-free energy drinks just as harmful
Food dyes may cause disease when the immune system is dysregulated, researchers report
Additive used in sweets and cakes not safe: EU watchdog
Titanium dioxide: E171 no longer considered safe when used as a food additive
Titanium Teeth
Unhealthy Foods Aren’t Just Bad For You, They May Also Be Addictive
FAB and Food for the Brain Online Webinar - Dietary Management and the Autistic Spectrum
FAB and FOOD FOR THE BRAIN Webinar - Nutrition and ADHD
How ultra-processed food took over your shopping basket
Food additives and sweeteners found to impact gut microbiome diversity
Common foods can help 'landscape' the jungle of our gut microbiome
How junk food shapes the developing teenage brain
4 December 2019 - The Conversation - Why it can be hard to stop eating even when you’re full: Some foods may be designed that way
19 August 2019 - MedicalXpress - Could fluoride be bad for your baby during pregnancy?
19 August 2019 - MedicalXpress - 10 million new cases of vitamin D deficiency will be prevented by adding vitamin D to wheat flour
New research casts doubts on safety of world's most popular artificial sweetener
20 June 2019 - MedicalXpress - Processed foods may hold key to rise in autism
30 May 2019 - BBC - Ultra-processed food linked to early death
21 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - Millions of Europeans at risk of chronic digestive diseases, new report reveals
Can this food additive turn our gut bacteria against us?
13 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - Common food additive E171 found to affect gut microbiota
European Commission urged to ban food additive E171: ‘Prevention is better than cure’
28 March 2019 - Science Daily - The salt-craving neurons: How the appetite for salt is shaped by a taste for sodium
14 February 2019 - MedicalXpress - Diet drinks may be associated with strokes among post-menopausal women
3 January 2019 - MedicalXpress - Could this widely used food additive cause celiac disease?
3 January 2019 - MedicalXpress - No compelling evidence for health benefits of non-sugar sweeteners
3 January 2019 - MedicalXpress - Could phosphate additives in foods make you less active?
4 December 2018 - MedicalXpress - High lead levels found in some spices purchased abroad
19 October 2018 - MedicalXpress - Adding refined fiber to processed food could have negative health effects
1 October 2018 - MedicalXpress - More bad news for artificial sweetener users
14 September 2018 - MedicalXpress - Toxic metal pollution linked with development of autism spectrum disorder
28 August 2018 - MedicalXpress - Study finds sucralose produces previously unidentified metabolites
30 July 2018 - MedicalXpress - Limit low-calorie sodas and drinks, and stick to water instead, researchers advise
23 July 2018 - MedicalXpress - Food additives a toxic mix for kids
Neuroscience News - How the Brain Controls Food Cravings
18 July 2018 - MedicalXpress - Beef jerky and other processed meats associated with manic episodes
1 June 2018 - The Conversation - Triclosan, a common antimicrobial in toothpaste and other products, linked to inflammation and cancer in the gut
23 April 2018 - The Conversation - Artificial sweeteners linked to diabetes and obesity