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Food and behaviour is a topic that affects everyone. What we eat – or what we neglect to eat – has a profound impact on our brains. In a world where mental health problems are a bigger drain on health services than heart conditions and cancer combined, what we need is more information and a bigger soapbox to shout it from.

This is a primary aim of our website. To present news and research on all matters relating to nutrition and mental health, representing a unique and ever-growing database of new developments and insights as and when they happen. 

We also include links to relevant literature and resources; while Associate Members can access exclusive video presentations from some of the leading researchers in the field.


Devil In The Milk

Devil In The Milk. Illness, health and politics

A1 and A2 Milk

by Keith Woodford
(Updated edition)

It’s not exactly breaking news that alcohol consumption can have negative impacts on health. Recent research, however, is shedding further light on just how bad it can be. For example, a father’s alcohol intake pre-conception can affect his child’s health; underage drinking can lead to neurocognitive and neuropsychological damage; and disrupted sleep patterns can be an outward sign of adolescent alcohol problems.

Best to avoid it altogether, it seems – and this is especially true for women during pregnancy. There are no safe alcohol limits, it seems.

Elsewhere in the news, there are new omega-3 related recommendations for pregnant women trying to prevent childhood asthma. Gone are the days – hopefully – when seafood was seen as a hazardous food for expectant mothers. A new study suggests that the benefits of fish consumption, i.e. the essentiality of omega-3 in pregnancy, outweigh fears about mercury in seafood.

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