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Iodine in Pregnancy - News

For women with antenatal depression, micronutrients might help them and their babies – new study
Less Dairy Leads to Decline in Iodine Concentrations
FAB WEBINAR - Feeding Humanity: The Key Role of Nutrition in the Mental Health Crisis
Research calls for DHA supplementation in vegetarian breastfeeding mothers
Study shows impact of vitamin D, thyroid hormones on child development
Study calls for change in guidance about eating fish during pregnancy
The essential role of iodine in the diet
Iodine supplements needed to boost low levels in women post-pregnancy: Study
Seafood consumption during pregnancy may improve attention capacity in children
Danish Food Agency increases iodine in salt to combat rising deficiency
Researchers reveal issues with WHO recommended pregnancy supplements
Fish-rich diets may boost babies' brain development
Iodine deficiency: No longer just a third-world issue, warns study
Vegans most at risk of missing target iodine intakes, suggests Norwegian study
Nutrients in child's first 1,000 days key for neurodevelopment
Many pregnant women not getting message about boosting iodine and folic acid
Most milk substitutes are low in iodine – here’s why it matters
Maternal iodine deficiency can affect child development
Food-based iodine during pregnancy important for child brain development
Five ways to boost your nutrition before pregnancy
High burden of iodine deficiency found in Israel's first national survey
Micronutrient supplementation for mothers boosts infant cognitive health: Follow-up study
Iodine ignorance: Irish researchers call for public health campaign
Only one-in-four Australian pregnant women adhere to folic acid and iodine guidelines
A simple daily pregnancy pill could boost population IQ and save the NHS money
Pregnant women lack guidance on iodine intake levels
Organic and long-life milk 'risk to children's IQ', new study
Large UK study finds that iodine deficiency during pregnancy adversely affects children's mental development
BBC News - Iodine deficiency may lower UK children's IQ
High fish intake during pregnancy leads to better verbal intelligence, motor skills in children
'Mothers Again Urged to Eat Fish' - as top scientists call for better dietary guidelines