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Obesity - News

3 Jan 2017 - Psych Central - Parents’ Obesity May Slow Child Development
Is sugar the world's most popular drug?
3 January 2017 - The Guardian - No evidence sugar-free soft drinks aid weight loss – study
2 Jan 2017 - The Guardian - The Case Against Sugar review - an unsweetened attack on diet myths
Obese parents triple obese offspring risk, experts warn
13 December 2016 - NutraIngredients - Omega-3s may turn off chronic low-grade inflammation in obese women: Study
8 December 2016 - Knowridge - Junk food causes similar high blood sugar levels as type 2 diabetes
30 November 2016 - - A new global research agenda for food
Aspartame may prevent, not promote, weight loss by blocking intestinal enzyme's activity
18 October 2016 - MedicalXpress - BMI is linked to brain function
Martens et al 2016 - Maternal pre-pregnancy body mass index and newborn telomere length
Replacing diet beverages with water may help diabetic patients lose weight
Mother's BMI may affect the biological age of newborn babies
The lasting legacy of early nutrition
18 October 2016 - MedicalXpress - Brain cells that provide structural support also influence feeding behavior, study shows
How obesity in mothers can harm their babies: children born to obese parents 'risk heart attacks, diabetes and asthma in later life'
4 October 2016 - The Conversation - If there was a Nobel silver medal, I'd award it to Jeffrey Gordon and our gut microbes
Is sugar the new tobacco? The industry's lobbying tactics suggest so
29 September 2016 - UK Government Policy Paper - Childhood obesity plan: PHE's role in implementation
27 September 2016 - The Conversation - Case against soft drink levy is sugar coated
28 August 2016 - The Conversation - Dropping the plan to ban junk food ads in prime time was a bad move - the UK will regret it
24th August 2016 - Journal of Family Health - Childhood Obesity: A Plan for Inaction
19 August 2016 - The Conversation - Childhood obesity plan forgets about babies and toddlers
18 August 2016 - BBC News - Childhood obesity: Plan attacked as 'weak' and 'watered down'
12 July 2016 - Food Navigator - Put the sugar tax on hold after Brexit, says FDF
16 June 2016 - Food Navigator - 'The resources to tackle obesity are there. It's just the will that's lacking': Expert
10 June 2016 - Food Navigator - More evidence in favour of healthy fats for weight loss
26 May 2016 - MedicalXpress - Alternating diet between high fat, balanced may help control obesity, study finds
Artificial sweeteners cut calories but may affect glucose control in obese: Study
Imprinting obesity: Mum's metabolic health may have lasting impact on baby
12 May 2016 - FoodNavigator - Artificial sweeteners linked to overweight babies
02 May 2016 - Science Daily - Supplement given during first year of life critical for muscle-mass development
Mother's high-fructose diet may lead to foetal metabolic disorders: Study
Excess sugar consumption ‘similar to cocaine addiction', says study
22 March 2016 - The Conversation - What the world can learn from Mexico’s tax on sugar-sweetened drinks
21 March 2016 - The Conversation - Sugar: it’s not just the calories that are bad for you
02 March 2016 - The Telegraph - Half of pregnant women attending their first maternity appointment are overweight or obese
How Nutrition in The Workplace Affects the Bottom Line
11 Feb 2016 - Nutraingredients - Food choices linked to 'plasticity genes' and child upbringing
11 Dec 2015 - BBC News - Obesity 'biggest threat to women's health' in England
1 Dec 2015 - Foodnavigator - Sugar addiction much harder to address than salt
Why Most People Fail to 'Get the Fats Right' - and How You can do Better!
27 Oct 2015 - New York Times - Cutting Sugar Improves Children's Health in Just 10 Days
27 Aug 2015 - FoodNavigator - Stop counting calories and start promoting nutritional value, urge researchers
Robert Lustig: the man who believes sugar is poison
27 May 2015 - Eurekalert - 'Do' is better than 'don't' when it comes to eating better
21 May 2015 - Huffpost - Mindful Eating, ADHD and Nutrition
21 May 2015 - ScienceDaily - Obese teens' brains unusually susceptible to food commercials, study finds
20 May 2015 - Medical Daily - Skipping Meals Promotes Belly Fat Storage, Increases Risk For Insulin Resistance
20 May 2015 - The Conversation - How eating different brands of the same food could be encouraging you to eat more