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Omega-3 - News

ODS Update - How dietary supplements can enhance nutritional status during pregnancy
What’s the best diet for healthy sleep? A nutritional epidemiologist explains what food choices will help you get more restful z’s
Got period pain or cramps? What to eat and avoid, according to science
Early childhood fish consumption may protect against neurodevelopmental delays
The potential of polyunsaturated fatty acids in alleviating depression and reducing suicide risk
Follow-up study finds supplementing preterm infants with DHA has no effect on behavioural development
Balancing omega-3 and omega-6 impacts cognitive function
Omega-3 may be an “effective add-on therapeutic” for depression
Put these foods on your grocery list for better vision
In-depth review reveals dietary lipid intervention as potential strategy to prevent brain aging
Saturated fat may interfere with creating memories in the aged brain - while omega-3 are protective
Ignorance to sex differences may explain why nutrition interventions fail in research
Omega-3 supplementation during pregnancy reduces infant risks for food allergy
Anxiety: A Metabolic Disorder?
FAB WEBINAR - Feeding Humanity: The Key Role of Nutrition in the Mental Health Crisis
9 signs you have inflammation in your body. Could an anti-inflammatory diet help?
DON'T MISS THIS! - The Food Programme - Feeding Your Brain: A Users Guide
Food for thought: South European Atlantic diet shows promising link to lower depression risk
Dietary Interventions for ADHD: Emerging Research and Considerations
That salad isn’t just good for your nutrition–it may help stave off depression
Critical Brain Nutrients: Evidence that Current Dietary Advice Harms Mental Health – and Potential Solutions
A somewhat systematic review of previous systematic reviews and meta-analyses about nutrition and Alzheimer's
Western Diet Identified as Risk Factor For Alzheimer's Disease, Scientists Warn
Fat molecules linked to sleep problems in children with autism
Switching meat and milk for plant-based copies misses vital nutrients
Research calls for DHA supplementation in vegetarian breastfeeding mothers
FAB WEBINAR - How Food Affects Your Brain: The Role of Nutrition and Diet in the Mental Health Crisis
Diet, not genes, is driving dementia says British Medical Journal
Seaweed, sardines and sauerkraut: the best diet for your brain at every stage of life
Can Mediterranean diet help people with MS preserve thinking skills?
Harnessing good fats to relieve multiple sclerosis symptoms
Mother's health, diet during pregnancy may impact child's later neurodevelopment
The role of omega-3 and omega-6 metabolites during pregnancy
COVID and your gut: how a healthy microbiome can reduce the severity of infection – and vice versa
3 Outstanding Food Swaps to Improve Brain Health
Webinar - Smarter Food, Smarter Kids - Resolving the Attention Deficit Disaster
New evidence on how 4 simple changes can halve your risk of dementia shared at international conference
Omega-3 fatty acid could boost IQ for preterm babies
Study links omega-3s to improved brain structure, cognition at midlife
ISSFAL supports 'important role’ for omega-3s for lower pre-term birth risks
Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and in Particular DHA, Are Associated With Increased Attention Scores in Adolescents
Nutritional Treatments: The Next Frontier in Psychiatry
Omega 3s may hold the secret to slowing the process of aging, experts reveal
Study calls for change in guidance about eating fish during pregnancy
Higher dose of omega-3 fatty acid reduced Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) in overweight adults at 12 weeks
Fish oil may blunt inflammatory response to high fat/high sugar diet
Researchers find strong evidence for prenatal vitamins, but find few products that meet recommendations
Food for thought: nutrition as a treatment for mental health conditions
B Vitamins and Omega-3 Fatty Acids Against Cognitive Decline
FAB Research Webinar - Nutrition for ADHD and Neurodiverse Minds