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Diet and Dementia - News

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15 June 2020 - Karolinska Institute - New findings explain how 'indigestion' medications can increase dementia risks
5 March 2020 - MedicalXpress - Study shows low carb diet may prevent, reverse age-related effects within the brain
18 February 2020 - The Conversation - Mediterranean diet increases gut bacteria linked to healthy ageing in older adults
18 February 2020 - MedicalXpress - Memory games: Eating well to remember
7 February 2020 - MedicalXpress - More people and fewer wild fish lead to an omega-3 supply gap
28 January 2020 - BBC - How a vegan diet could affect your intelligence
9 December 2019 - MedicalXpress - Eating more ketones may fight against Alzheimer's disease
27 November 2019 - MedicalXpress - Aerobic exercise and heart-healthy diet may slow development of memory problems
15 November 2019 - Futurity - More plants and less meat could cut brain risks later