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The Food Foundation

The Food Foundation website staes:

Our Vision
“A food system which supports the health and well-being of the UK public.”

The Food Foundation is an independent think tank that tackles the growing challenges facing the UK’s food system in the interests of the UK public. We provide clear analysis of the problems caused by the food system and the role of policy and practice in addressing these. We develop and articulate food policies that support and guide the UK public to make choices that improve their health and well-being and we inform and generate demand for new and better public and private sector policy and practice.

Specifically we want to see four areas of policy and practice change:

1.Cross government leadership on accessible, healthy and sustainable diets
2.Policy and practice which re-balances the food environment and choice architecture so it supports healthy eating (covering e.g. marketing, planning and licensing and public food provision)
3.Policy and practice which incentivises and regulates the food supply chain so it supports healthy and sustainable diets (e.g. through impacts on price, quality, provenance, perishability, safety, availability etc)
4.Evidence gaps which are a barrier to decision making are addressed

We are independent of all political parties and business, and we are not limited by a single issue or special interest. We work with others who believe there is a problem with the system and want to change it.

Our 3 Principles

Joining the dots on the food system and looking for coherent responses
Future proofing policy and practice so it is sustainable for us and our planet
Focusing on people and consumers, prioritising those facing socio-economic or life cycle risks