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Ageing, mental health and diet - News

Diet trumps drugs for anti aging and good metabolic health
Two omega-3s in fish oil may boost brain function in people with heart disease
People who eat more fish have fewer signs of vascular disease in the brain
Polyphenol-rich diets improve leaky gut syndrome in the elderly
How highly processed foods harm memory in the aging brain (and the protective effect of Omega-3 DHA)
Natural compound in basil may protect against Alzheimer's disease pathology
Gut bacteria rewind ageing brain in mice
Microbes turn back the clock as research discovers their potential to reverse aging in the brain
Harmful body fat not only increases your waistline, but also your risk of dementia
Review suggests vitamin K2 may help prevent Alzheimer’s
'The Better Brain' - Book Review
Gut microbe secreted molecule linked to formation of new nerve cells in adult brain
Association between blood plasma lipids and risk of Alzheimer's disease
Mouse studies find sugar-free energy drinks just as harmful
Is Your Belly Fat Fogging Your Thinking?
Omega-3 supplements do double duty in protecting against stress
New research on Alzheimer's disease shows 'lifestyle origin at least in some degree'
Study finds brain's 'wiring insulation' as major factor of age-related brain deterioration
The potential role of nutrition in delaying Mild Cognitive Impairment - FREE online event
Gut microbiome implicated in healthy aging and longevity
Scientists uncover early links between cardiovascular risk and brain metabolism
Prediabetes may be linked to worse brain health
Experiences of post-traumatic stress disorder linked to nutritional health
Naturally Informed Mental Wellness - FREE virtual conference
Obesity may exacerbate the effects of Alzheimer's disease, new study shows
Hydrogen sulphide could guard against Alzheimer's disease - IN MICE
Apathy could predict onset of dementia years before other symptoms
Childhood lead exposure leads to structural changes in middle-aged brains
Link between Alzheimer's disease and gut microbiota is confirmed
Studying Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil's effects on mild cognitive impairment
Vitamin B1 deficiency a key factor in the development of alcohol-related dementia
Failure of Omega-3s to Prevent, Slow Alzheimer's Explained?
Time for a Paradigm Shift on Food and Mood
Can a healthy diet reduce risk of Parkinson's?
Supplements with potential to prevent Alzheimer's affect blood, but less so the brain
Brain iron accumulation linked to cognitive decline in Alzheimer's patients
Antioxidant cocktail key to preventing Alzheimer's
15 June 2020 - Karolinska Institute - New findings explain how 'indigestion' medications can increase dementia risks
12 May 2020 - The Conversation - Alzheimer’s and dementia: eating plenty of apples, berries and tea linked to lower risk – new research
MedicalXpress - Vitamin D could help fight off COVID-19
5 March 2020 - MedicalXpress - Study shows low carb diet may prevent, reverse age-related effects within the brain
3 March 2020 - MedicalXpress - Visceral fat delivers signal to the brain that hurts cognition
Mediterranean diet increases gut bacteria linked to healthy ageing in older adults
18 February 2020 - MedicalXpress - Memory games: Eating well to remember
18 February 2020 - MedicalXpress - Biomarker for Parkinson's disease may originate in the gut
12 February 2020 - MedicalXpress - Nutrition a key ingredient for psychological health in Canadian adults
7 February 2020 - MedicalXpress - More people and fewer wild fish lead to an omega-3 supply gap
5 February 2020 - Futurity - Do ‘forever chemicals’ PFOs and PFOA sap dopamine?
Fish oil beats curcumin for brain & heart health biomarker improvements in older people
29 January 2019 - MedicalXpress - Study: Antioxidant flavonol linked to lower risk of Alzheimer's dementia