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Sugar in children's diets - news

Scientists claim that overeating is not the primary cause of obesity
Eating a plant rich diet reduces risk of developing COVID-19
Sugar: why some people experience side-effects when they quit
AI reveals how glucose helps the SARS-CoV-2 virus
Want some holiday reading? Try the National Food Strategy plan. - Michelle's blog
The National Food Strategy
Is it time for a new junk food tax?
Study shows potential dangers of sweeteners
Obesity in teens raises adult diabetes risk, even after weight loss
Urgent action needed to reduce harms of ultra-processed foods to British children
What happened when I ate ultra-processed food for a month
Mouse studies find sugar-free energy drinks just as harmful
Study investigates link between prediabetes and youth beverage intake
Call for urgent action on energy drinks as new UK research reveals daily use among young people
Researchers call for clearer disclosures about added sugars, diet sweeteners and percent juice on product packages
Sugar not so nice for your child's brain development
You know sugar is bad for your kids—here's what you can do
Different forms of sugar impact hunger-suppressing hormones in young adults
Changes to the brain's reward system may drive overeating in mice
Study: Fructose syrup disrupts gut microbiome but fruit can undo negative effects
Artificially sweetened drinks may not be heart healthier than sugary drinks
Scholars link obesity and disease to dramatic dietary changes
High fructose intake may drive aggressive behaviors, ADHD and bipolar disorder
Only 3% sugar cut out from food products in three years, PHE finds
Frequent Soft Drink Consumption May Make Adolescents More Aggressive
23 December 2019 - Reuters - Nearly All U.S. Kids Eating Added Sugars Before Age 2
15 October 2019 - MedicalXpress - 1-in-3 young children undernourished or overweight: UNICEF
10 October 2019 - BBC - Obesity: Ban snacking on public transport, top doctor says
5 September 2019 - The Guardian - Tax on snacks would have 'huge impact' on obesity, say experts
4 September 2019 - MedicalXpress - Snack tax may be more effective than a sugary drink tax to tackle obesity
14 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - What happens when your picky toddler becomes a teen?
2 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - Children and teens who drink low-calorie sweetened beverages do not save calories
30 April 2019 - MedicalXpress - Study suggests no direct link between drinking sugar sweetened drinks and higher energy consumption or BMI in children
MedicalXpress - No such thing as 'sugar rush' - sugar worsens mood rather than improving it
25 March 2019 - MedicalXpress - Major medical groups call for soda taxes
11 January 2019 - MedicalXpress - Sugar's sick secrets: How industry forces have manipulated science to downplay the harm
7 January 2019 - MedicalXpress - Exposure to sugary breakfast cereal advertising directly influences children's diets
29 November 2018 - The Guardian - 'Diabolical' diets: four in 10 children consume sugary drinks daily
16 November 2018 - Nutrition Insight - Sugar crash? Alarming levels of sugar in milkshakes, UK lobby group says
5 October 2018 - MedicalXpress - Digital marketing exposure increases energy drink usage among young adults
19 September 2018 - BMJ - Ban on sale of energy drinks to children
18 September 2018 - The Conversation - High levels of sugar in organic and children’s yogurts – new survey
17 August 2018 - The Conversation - Exaggerated portions alongside real nutrition claims on cereal boxes may mislead consumers – new study
2 August 2018 - MedicalXpress - Misleading claims on sugar-rich cereals
8 June 2018 - The Conversation - Young people in the UK drink more energy drinks than any other countries in Europe
22 April 2018 - MedicalXpress - Why zero-calorie sweeteners can still lead to diabetes, obesity
19 April 2018 - EurekAlert - Pregnant moms and their offspring should limit added sugars in their diets to protect childhood cognition
9 February 2018 - MedicalXpress - Prenatal, early life fructose intake associated with asthma
11 January 2018 - The Conversation - Sugar: six easy ways to encourage children to eat less
8 December 2017 - MedicalXpress - Consuming sugary drinks during pregnancy may increase asthma risk in mid-childhood