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Research Paper Kalaras et al 2017 - Mushrooms: A rich source of the antioxidants ergothioneine and glutathione
Research Paper Lin CH and Lockey RF 2017 - Prevention of Asthma: Fish or Fish Oil?
Research Paper Charoenwoodhipong et al 2017 - Omega Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)
Research Paper Gupta et al 2017 - The prevalence of nut and seafood allergies among adults in the United States
Research Paper Cunningham and Egeth 2017 - The capture of attention by entirely irrelevant pictures of calorie-dense foods
Research Paper Soininen et al 2017 - 24-month intervention with a specific multinutrient in people with prodromal Alzheimer's disease (LipiDiDiet)
Research Paper Nguyen-Louie et al 2017 - Alcohol Use Onset Predicts Poorer Neuropsychological Functioning in Young Adults
Research Paper Vejrup et al 2017 - Prenatal mercury exposure, maternal seafood consumption and associations with child language at five years
Research Paper et al 2017 - Carbohydrate Taste Sensitivity Is Associated with Starch Intake and Waist Circumference in Adults
Research Paper Mandel and Brannon 2017 - Sugar, perceived healthfulness, and satiety: When does a sugary preload lead people to eat more?
Research Paper Hwang et al 2017 - Blunted rise in brain glucose levels during hyperglycemia in adults with obesity and T2DM
Research Paper Beasley and Weatherall 2017 - Vitamin D and asthma: a case to answer
Research Paper Reynolds and Skeaff 2017 - Maternal adherence with recommendations for folic acid and iodine supplements: A cross-sectional survey
Research Paper DeVilbiss et al 2017 - Antenatal nutritional supplementation and autism spectrum disorders in the Stockholm youth cohort: population based cohort study
Research Paper Francis et al 2017 - Informing Intervention Strategies to Reduce Energy Drink Consumption in Young People
Research Paper Patterson et al 2017 - Obesity Independently Associates with Worse Patient Reported Outcomes in Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Research Paper Anderson et al 2017 - A preliminary examination of gut microbiota, sleep, and cognitive flexibility in healthy older adults
Research Paper Rouzer et al 2017 - Moderate Maternal Alcohol Exposure on Gestational Day 12 Impacts Anxiety-Like Behavior in Offspring
Research Paper Berglund et al 2017 - Effects of iron supplementation of low birth weight infants on cognition and behavior at 7 years
Research Paper Sacheck et al 2017 - Impact of Three Doses of Vitamin D3 on Serum 25(OH)D Deficiency and Insufficiency in At-Risk Schoolchildren