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Delay Discounting Interacts with Distress Tolerance to Predict Depression and Alcohol Use Disorders among Individuals Receiving Inpatient Substance Use Services

Felton JW, Strutz KL, McCauley HL, Poland CA, Barnhart KJ, Lejuez CW (2019) Int J Ment Health Addiction 2019 Nov. 

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Alcohol use disorders (AUD) and major depressive disorder (MDD) co-occur frequently in both the general population and specifically among those seeking treatment for substance use (SU). Individuals in SU treatment with co-occurring mood disorders experience worse outcomes and higher rates of relapse following treatment termination. Identifying shared vulnerabilities associated with these disorders has the potential to improve identification of at-risk individuals entering SU treatment and could yield more effective and targeted intervention strategies. Thus, the current study examined the role of two psychological factors commonly implicated in the onset and maintenance of AUDs, delay discounting and distress tolerance, that may influence co-occurring MDD among a sample of individuals receiving inpatient SU treatment.


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