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Kimberly Wilson - Crime & Nourishment Podcast - Episode 2: The Prison Studies - 2nd May 2020

Crime & Nourishment - Episode 2: The Prison Studies

Welcome to the Stronger Minds Podcast where I bring you everything you need to know to build a healthier brain and a stronger mind, including food and nutrition, psychology, lifestyle, mental habits and debating big ideas. From Chartered Psychologist Kimberley Wilson.

In 2002, a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial showed that nutritional supplementation could reduce violence in prison by 37%. This study has since been replicated in prison populations in the UK, The Netherlands and Singapore. So why, when violence in UK prisons, including assaults on staff, is at an all time high are we not using this cheap, low-risk, accessible intervention? In this episode I speak to scientists behind this inexplicably ignored research.