Food and Behaviour Research

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Kimberley Wilson Crime & Nourishment podcast - Episode 1: The Kids Aren't Alright Stronger Minds - 29th April 2020

Web URL: Listen here on acast

Start Date: 29 April 2020

End Date: 29 April 2020

Duration 1 hour and 5 minutes

Stronger Minds Podcast

  • This episode examines the evidence that shows a beneficial effect of nutrition on childhood behavioural disorders, and the surprising and worrying link between hunger and school exclusions.

Chartered Psychologist Kimberley Wilson brings you everything you need to know to build a healthier brain and a stronger mind, including food and nutrition, psychology, lifestyle, mental habits and debating big ideas.


Dr. Alex Richardson - Founder Director of Food and Behaviour Research, Research Associate, Dept of  Physiology, Anatomy Genetics, University of Oxford

Carmel McConnell MBE - Activist and Founder of Magic Breakfast

Sarah Dove - Strategic Director Phoenix Education Consultancy. President of PRUsAP