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High fat and high sugar - News

How highly processed foods harm memory in the aging brain
Scientists claim that overeating is not the primary cause of obesity
Eating a plant rich diet reduces risk of developing COVID-19
Healthy diets linked to better mental health and wellbeing
Increasing your risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) through processed food
Want some holiday reading? Try the National Food Strategy plan. - Michelle's blog
Is it time for a new junk food tax?
Switching from Western diet to a balanced diet may reduce skin, joint inflammation
Obesity in teens raises adult diabetes risk, even after weight loss
Low-fiber, high-fat diets adversely impact the gut
Urgent action needed to reduce harms of ultra-processed foods to British children
What happened when I ate ultra-processed food for a month
Western diet may increase risk of gut inflammation, infection
Scientists Investigate the Role of Gut Microbiota in Risk for ‘Severe Mental Disorders’
Unhealthy Foods Aren’t Just Bad For You, They May Also Be Addictive
Junk food linked to sleep problems in teens
Teens' ultra-processed diet puts their hearts at risk
Kid influencers are promoting junk food brands on YouTube—garnering more than a billion views
ADHD is related to high-sugar, unhealthy diets
Poor diet is top contributor to heart disease deaths globally
16 April 2020 - European Scientist - Covid 19 and the elephant in the room
19 February 2020 - The Guardian - Researchers find a western-style diet can impair brain function
19 February 2020 - MedicalXpress - World failing to provide children with a healthy life and a climate fit for their future: WHO-UNICEF-Lancet
13 February 2020 - The Guardian - How ultra-processed food took over your shopping basket
14 January 2020 - MedicalXpress - Urgent action on diet needed to stem rising tide of chronic disease in less developed nations
10 December 2019 - MedicalXpress - Brain differences may be tied to obesity, kids' study says
4 December 2019 - The Conversation - Why it can be hard to stop eating even when you’re full: Some foods may be designed that way
6 November 2019 - MedicalXpress - Dodgy diet affects daytime drowsiness
5 November 2019 - MedicalXpress - Study offers data-driven definition of unhealthy yet pervasive 'hyper-palatable' foods
1 November 2019 - MedScape - Rise of Obesity in America: Should We Be Alarmed?
30 October 2019 - Helio - Parents of children with autism may benefit from diet interventions
17 October 2019 - MedicalXpress - Evidence of behavioral, biological similarities between compulsive overeating and addiction
10 October 2019 - BBC - Obesity: Ban snacking on public transport, top doctor says
9 October 2019 - MedicalXpress - Craving junk food after a sleepless night? Blame your nose, which sniffs out high fat, calorie-dense food
8 October 2019 - MedicalXpress - To fight effects of sleep deprivation, reach for healthy snacks
1 October 2019 - Science Daily - High-fructose and high-fat diet damages liver mitochondria: Increases fatty-liver disease risk and metabolic syndrome
24 September 2019 - MedicalXpress - 'Report card' on diet trends: Low-quality carbs account for 42 percent of a day's calories
19 September 2019 - MedicalXpress - Poor diet may affect long-term spatial memory, study finds
3 September 2019 - The Guardian - Bristol teenager loses sight and hearing due to processed food diet
13 August 2019 - MedicalXpress - New study links high-fat diet and gut bacteria to insulin resistance
5 July 2019 - The Conversation - Almost a third of Scots are now obese – and at risk of more cancers than smokers
11 June 2019 - MedicalXpress - Curbing your enthusiasm for overeating
21 May 2019 - MedicalXpress - Millions of Europeans at risk of chronic digestive diseases, new report reveals
30 April 2019 - MedicalXpress - Study links exam stress with junk food cravings, snacking, and eating less fruit and veg
9 April 2019 - Nutraingredients - Study finds ‘healthy’ kids snacks could be contributing to growing obesity crisis
BBC - The diets cutting one in five lives short every year
30 January 2019 - MedicalXpress - Calorie restriction prevents asthma symptoms linked to inflammation in mice
24 January 2019 - MedicalXpress - New insights into why we crave fatty foods when dieting
8 January 2019 - The Conversation - Let them eat more fat? Researcher argues that a balance of types of fat is the key
5 December 2018 - The Conversation - Why snacking could be damaging your health