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Obesity - Research

Sanchez et al 2017 - Maternal Pre-Pregnancy Obesity and Child Neurodevelopmental Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis
Do Disordered Eating Behaviours Have Long-term Health-related Consequences?
et al 2017 - Frequent Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption and the Onset of Cardiometabolic Diseases: Cause for Concern?
Blunted rise in brain glucose levels during hyperglycemia in adults with obesity and T2DM
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Kivimäki et al 2017 - Body mass index and risk of dementia: Analysis of individual-level data from 1.3 million individuals
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Hwang et al 2017 - Blunted rise in brain glucose levels during hyperglycemia in adults with obesity and T2DM
Patterson et al 2017 - Obesity Independently Associates with Worse Patient Reported Outcomes in Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Caleyachetty et al 2017 - Metabolically Healthy Obese and Incident Cardiovascular Disease Events Among 3.5 Million Men and Women
Broskey et al 2017 - Early Pregnancy Weight Gain Exerts the Strongest Effect on Birth Weight, Posing a Critical Time to Prevent Childhood Obesity
Veldhuizen et al 2017 - Integration of Sweet Taste and Metabolism Determines Carbohydrate Reward
Carnell et al 2017 - Neural correlates of familial obesity risk and overweight in adolescence
Mi et al 2017 - EGCG ameliorates high-fat- and high-fructose-induced cognitive defects by regulating the IRS/AKT and ERK/CREB/BDNF
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Gillman et al 2017 - Beverage Intake During Pregnancy and Childhood Adiposity
Valdearcos et al 2017 - Microglial Inflammatory Signaling Orchestrates the Hypothalamic Immune Response to Dietary Excess and Mediates Obesity Susceptibility
Ohlsson et al 2017 - BMI increase through puberty and adolescence is associated with risk of adult stroke
Persson et al 2017 - Risk of major congenital malformations in relation to maternal overweight and obesity severity
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Jensen et al 2017 - The Relationship of Maternal Prepregnancy Body Mass Index and Pregnancy Weight Gain to Neurocognitive Function at Age 10 Years among Children Born Extremely Preterm
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