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Choline - A Neglected Nutrient Vital for Healthy Brains - BOOK HERE

Smart Foods for ADHD and Brain Health

Author: Dr. Rachel V. Gow

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Rachel Gow - ADHD

Written by an internationally-recognised leader in the growing field of nutritional psychiatry, this book by Dr Rachel Gow takes a nutrition-based look at ADHD and its management.

Combining the latest research with the inspirational stories of a range of professionals and individuals whose lives have been touched by the issues raised, this book also includes accessible tips throughout and a chapter of recipes to promote brain health.

This is an essential guide to understanding the interplay of brain health and nutrition, and supporting families to build a diet that optimises brain function and health.


My GO TO book for all things ADHD

"There is a plethora of literature on the important link between food and ADHD, but this is one is the best.
I have a 10 year old with ADHD & ODD; we regularly cook all the recipes and some have become firm family favourites - particularly the Snacks section.
Dr Gow writes with families in mind; in layman's terms she presents the Science and joins up the dots between brain health and nutrition.
Its our kitchen bible! Highly recommend for all families with non neurotypical children."

A smart read! Evidence-based nutrition written in an accessible way.

"I found this book very engaging, informative and accessible. The author's empathy, humour and personal experience of (her son's) ADHD provides a valuable guide to the condition, and how to best feed young brains.
Reading it, you feel you're not alone if your kid's got ADHD, which is invaluable! The nutritional evidence is great for general brain health of any age. A must have book..."