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Gut and digestive disorders - News

How gut microbes can evolve and become dangerous
New study shows bidirectional link between inflammatory bowel disease and depression
Gastrointestinal issues linked with anxiety, social withdrawal for kids with autism
Decoding a direct dialog between the gut microbiota and the brain
Ubiquitous food additive alters human microbiota and intestinal environment
Gut bacteria don't cause autism. Autistic kids' microbiome differences are due to picky eating
Gut microbiota differences seen in people with autism may be due to dietary preferences
Polyphenol-rich diets improve leaky gut syndrome in the elderly
How the microbiome affects human health
One in ten people experience frequent meal-related abdominal pain
Gas-related intestinal symptoms affect nearly all adults and are associated with psychological distress
Blowing In The Wind
Review finds microbial patterns in patients with psychological disorders
Clues to brain health may lie in the gut
The bitter truth of added sugar: What excessive fructose consumption can do to your body
This Is Your Gut on Sugar
Increasing your risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) through processed food
Review suggests vitamin K2 may help prevent Alzheimer’s
What should you eat after you've been on antibiotics? And can probiotics and prebiotics get your gut back to normal?
Fungi that live in the gut influence health and disease
Study shows potential dangers of sweeteners
Low-fiber, high-fat diets adversely impact the gut
Western diet may increase risk of gut inflammation, infection
Food dyes may cause disease when the immune system is dysregulated, researchers report
Gut microbiome plays role in autism
How the gut microbiota develops in the first five years of life
The Gut-Brain Axis Is More Important Than We Thought
Early antibiotic exposure linked with childhood obesity
The gut mycobiome influences the metabolism of processed foods
High fructose diets could cause immune system damage
What happens in the mouth ... doesn't stay in the mouth
In mice, a mother’s love comes from the gut
Naturally Informed Mental Wellness - FREE virtual conference
How sure would you want to be that you have celiac disease before starting a gluten-free diet?
Scientists reveal mechanism that causes irritable bowel syndrome
This Man's Increased Psychiatric Issues Masked an Undiagnosed Disease
Autism study suggests connection between repetitive behaviors, gut problems
Gut microbes: The key to normal sleep.... IN MICE
Study discovers microbiome modulation possibilities in obese population
Study: Fructose syrup disrupts gut microbiome but fruit can undo negative effects
Evidence found of link between gut microbe deficiency and autism spectrum disorder
More turkey dinners for people with celiac disease?
Autism triggers nonverbal manifestation of GI symptoms in children
Study reveals dietary fructose heightens inflammatory bowel disease
Study: Habitual low fibre consumption in IBD exacerbates dysbiosis
Unique antibody profile sets gluten sensitivity apart from coeliac disease
Physiological test for autism proves effective independent of co-occurring conditions
Influence of vitamin D supplementation on a baby's gut microbiome
Antibiotics associated with increased risk of inflammatory bowel disease
Personalised probiotic cocktails’ could be the future in tackling gut dysbiosis, study finds