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Vitamin B12 and Vegan diets - News

Professor warns of micronutrient deficiency risks in sustainable diets
Scientists find vital missing ingredient for healthy vegan diet – algae
Switching meat and milk for plant-based copies misses vital nutrients
Research calls for DHA supplementation in vegetarian breastfeeding mothers
Surge in nitrous oxide abuse: New guidelines to help clinicians recognize cases and prevent spinal cord damage from resulting Vitamin B12 deficiency
Are plant-based meats really better for us than the real thing?
B12 deficiency and Nitrous oxide: neurologists report a worrying rise in young people with paralysis
Plant-based milk products: what you need to know before making the switch
Plant-based doesn’t always mean healthy
Action needed on vitamin B12 deficiency in people following plant-based diets
Lab analysis finds near-meat and meat are not nutritionally equivalent
Vegan diets in children may bring heart benefits but pose growth risks
Vegan diet significantly remodels metabolism in young children
New research shows the importance of consuming enough vitamin B12 in pregnancy
Nutrient deficiency risks associated with veganism, study finds: ‘Vitamin B12 is well supplemented, iodine is a matter of concern’
‘Disconcerting discovery’: Study shows plant-based milk lacking in calcium, protein, vitamins
'Laughing gas' depletes Vitamin B12 and can cause irreversible brain damage
BBC - How a vegan diet could affect your intelligence
Doctors warn vegans to take risks of vitamin B12 deficiency seriously
BBC - The diet to save lives, the planet and feed us all? (NOT)
Vegan diets are adding to malnutrition in wealthy countries
Your Brain on Plants: Micronutrients and Mental Health
Food Fights: Are Vegan Diets Healthier for the Brain?
Vegetarians more susceptible to depression than meat eaters, study shows. Here's why.
Are male vegetarians more likely to be depressed than meat-eaters?
Everything you need to know about vitamin B12 deficiency
23 August 2016 - Nutraingredients - Vegans should take vitamin B12 supplements "permanently": German Nutrition Society
22 March 2016 - Nutraingredients - Typical vegan diet lacks key nutrients; supplements can help: Study