Food and Behaviour Research

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YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS! - The Food Programme - Feeding Your Brain: A Users Guide

Food and Behaviour Research

Why the 'mental health crisis' will never be solved - unless we STOP IGNORING NUTRITION - and start feeding healthier minds


Extensive scientific evidence has now shown that modern diets - rich in ultra-processed foods and lacking key brain nutrients - impair brain development and function, and promote mental ill-health.

This episode of Radio 4's 'The Food Programme' asks
  • why hasn't this evidence been put into practice?
  • why do we hear so much about 'obesity' - and so little about how food affects our brains?
  • and what can be done to improve matters?

It includes striking interviews with many leading experts in the field FAB followers will be familar with - including one of the absolute pioneers in nutrition and brain health, Professor Michael Crawford.

He first warned over 50 years ago that 'brain disorders' would be the next epidemic (after heart disease) unless our diets were improved to meet the nutritional needs of our brains.

Don't miss the chance to hear from Michael himself - and get your own questions answered - at our next FAB Webinar, when he'll be giving an in-depth presentation explaining both the problem, and the solution:

Feeding Humanity: The Key Role of Nutrition in the Mental Health Crisis

And if you'd like to stay updated on how Food Affects Behaviour:

30/07/23 - BBC Radio 4 - The Food Programme


This episode of the Food Programme really must be heard in full to do it justice - as it does a simply excellent job of summarising (in less than 30 minutes) decades of mounting research evidence - almost all of which still continues to be completely ignored by governments and policymakers, even as the mental health crisis escalates.....

All credit to Dan Saladino for choosing to focus on this topic - which as he explains - was triggered by his hearing a recent interview by Kimberley Wilson on the connections between our food and brain health. (See her books: How to Build a Healthy Brain, and Unprocessed)

As I listened, I thought about the reports about increasing levels of depression and anxiety, also the performance of children in schools... and the impact of dementia on so many families across the UK?

If we know so much, why are does it seem we’re doing so little to ensure everyone is feeding their brains?

Listening to Kimberley, my own anxiety levels were increasing, and a voice in my head was shouting “Something must be done”

And here are just a few quotes from Kimberly Wilson herself: 


“It’s really mindbending – the idea that your food might be shaping your behaviour..... that the thing that you ate last might be influencing how you relate to somebody else, how sensitive you are to a criticism, how able you are to concentrate.

It really starts to question some of the fundamental ideas about who we are – and how we come to be who we are....."


“I think of Professor Crawford really as the ‘canary in the coalmine’ on these issues.

He has been talking about this for 50 years... and what he did – as a researcher in fatty acids and their impact on the brain - he looked at the data and he kind of followed it forward – and said ‘if we don’t get a grip on this soon – we’re heading straight for disaster’.

And many people would say that we’ve already hit that tipping point – but Professor Crawford has really been ringing the alarm on this for a very long time.


"If we sit on this evidence and do nothing – it’s a kind of negligence, it’s a dereliction of duty."