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12 Effective Ways to Help Your ADD/ADHD Child: Drug-free Alternatives for Attention-deficit Disorders

Author: Laura Stevens

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12 Effective Ways to Help Your ADD / ADHD Child


Laura Stevens carried out some of the pioneering research from Purdue University in the USA, which showed that ADHD children have lower blood concentrations of many key omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, and that fatty acid deficiences as shown by these biochemical measures relate to difficulties in behaviour, learning and health. (Please use the Search box and enter 'Stevens and ADHD' to find further details of these on this site.)

The dietary and other advice given in this book is therefore more likely to be based on sound scientific evidence than the information found in many other books written for the general public.

A Reader's review from Amazon:

This invaluable book has many excellent features such as practical questionnaires, specific help for each child, recipes for ADHD children and much more. I found the real-life experiences to be of great value. It is very reader-friendly requiring little or no previous knowledge of ADHD. The book takes you through treatment of ADHD children by identifying what changes you can make in your child's diet in order to benefit then the most. It also helps you to plan visits to your Doctor and how to state your case effectively. Thank you to the author - Laura Stevens for providing a light at the end of the tunnel!!