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Feeding Success - Conference Packs for sale

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Feeding Success:  Why Better Nutrition is Vital for Improving Mental Health and Performance

This event took place at The Said Business School in Oxford, on Thursday, 23rd Sept 2010.

Conference packs now available.  Price includes £2.50 p&p. 

Pack contents include handouts of speakers' presentations and glossary of terms.




Dr Alex Richardson (Founder Director, FAB Research; Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford; Author of ‘They Are What You Feed Them’)
'Food and Behaviour: A Critical Overview'

Dr Paul Clayton (Chair of Forum on Food and Health; Author of 'Health Defence' and 'Pharmageddon')
'Pharmageddon: Food, Drugs and The Public Health Crisis'

Prof Michael Crawford (Director, Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition, London Metropolitan University)
'Mothers' Diets and Children's Brains: Why We Can't Afford the Real Costs of 'Cheap' Food'

Prof John Stein (Professor of Neurophysiology, University of Oxford; Chair of Dyslexia Research Trust)
'Nutrition, Dyslexia and Paying Attention: Good Science, Bad Science and the Medical Perspective'

Dr Paul Montgomery, (Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention, University of Oxford; Co-Director of FAB Research) with Dr Alex Richardson
'Omega-3 for Behaviour, Learning and Mood: What's the Real Evidence?'

Prof Margaret Rayman (Professor of Nutritional Medicine, University of Surrey)
'Beyond Omega-3: Selenium, Iodine, and Vitamin D: More Good Reasons to Eat Fish?'

Bernard Gesch (Senior Research Scientist, University of Oxford; Director of the research charity Natural Justice)
'Feeding Better Behaviour? Evidence from UK Prison Trials and Implications'

Ap Zaalberg (Senior Policy Advisor and Expert in Psychiatric Care, Forensic Treatment and Suicide Prevention, Ministry of Justice, The Netherlands)
'Nutrition and Antisocial Behaviour - Research and Policy Initiatives in the Netherlands'

David Rex (Child Health Dietitian NHS Highland, & Healthy Eating in Schools Co-ordinator)
'Dietary Interventions for ADHD, Autism and Related Conditions: What Works in Practice?'

Closing Comments
by Lord (Nic) Rea (Former GP, Chair of All-Party Food and Health Forum)
'Food, Behaviour and Public Policy: Opportunities and Challenges'