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Feeding Better Mood, Behaviour, Learning and Sleep - Evidence and Best Practice - BOOK HERE

They Are What You Feed Them: How Food Affects Your Child's Behaviour, Mood and Learning

They Are What You Feed Them

A hugely popular book by Dr Alex Richardson. 

The right food choices can transform your child.

What your child eats can have a profound effect on his or her ability to read, write, concentrate and remember things. In fact, the right foods can actually improve your child's ability to learn, and can help with everyday difficulties in mood and behaviour, as well as conditions like attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, dyspraxia and Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

In this cutting-edge book, Dr Alex Richardson, the UK's number one authority on how nutrition impacts children's behaviour and learning, exposes the truth about what children eat - or fail to eat.

She explains why common culprit foods can be so damaging - and so irresistible - and shows how to bring the best choices into your child's diet. A few simple changes can be all it takes to make the world of difference.

  • The best - and the worst - foods revealed
  • Easy steps to free your child from 'food traps'
  • Simple, child-friendly recipes
  • Practical tips, and a 12-week plan to help your child make the best food choices
  • Advice on key lifestyle factors, including sleep

All author proceeds to go to the FAB Research charity.

Dr Alex Richardson is an Associate Senior Research fellow at Oxford University and co-founder and director of FAB Research. She is one of the UK's leading authorities on the impact of nutrition and environment on the brain, and is widely consulted for her expertise by the media, major charities, medical experts, parents and teachers alike. A former teacher, Dr Richardson has brought hope and help to thousands of children troubled with behaviour and learning difficulties, including ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and Autism Spectrum Disorders.