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FAB Events in 2008

Start Date: 01 January 2008

End Date: 31 December 2008

During 2008, FAB Research staged a series of one-day conferences in the series 'Feeding Young Minds' at different UK locations that provided a unique opportunity to hear the latest scientific evidence from leading international experts on how food can affect behaviour, learning and mood, with a particular emphasis on omega-3 fatty acids.

Full details of each event can be found via the following links

Wednesday, 5th March 2008 - Edinburgh
Diet and Behaviour - Feeding the Next Generation
The Carlton Hotel, Edinburgh

Friday, 2nd May 2008 - Midlands
Food, Mood and Behaviour - Putting Research into Practice in Education and Mental Health
The Palace Hote, Buxton, Derbyshire

Tuesday 10th June 2008 - Cardiff
The National Children's Nutrition Conference - Cardiff
Organised in collaboration with the Dyscovery Centre, Cardiff

Friday, 26th September 2008 - Highlands and The North
Nutrition in Childhood - Meeting the Challenge
The Newton Hotel, Nairn

Friday, 3rd October 2008 - Oxford
Omega-3 for Behaviour, Learning and Mood: Science, Policy and Practice
Saïd Business School, Oxford