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4 September 2003 - Inverness - FAB Research Launch

FAB Research

Start Date: 04 September 2003

End Date: 04 September 2003

Location Inverness

Venue Royal Highland Hotel

Feedback from Attendees

'The speakers were fantastic. Well done. Look forward to hearing them again.'

'A lot of useful information presented in an accessible way. Confirmed information I had previously been aware of and extended my knowledge. Certainly has given us 'Food for Thought'.'

'The information presented was exceedingly valuable and important. As educators we now need help in passing this on to parents. The research basis for the info was appreciated and the commitment, knowledge and enthusiasm of the speakers was much appreciated.'

'Excellent and very relevant. At last someone is trying to address the underlying causes of the problems rather than simply educate them out.'

'A wealth of useful information. Lots of lights switched on. Keep up the good work.'

'Excellent and informative presentation. All this information at a basic level should be taught to children at an early stage. Less overall demand for 'processed' and 'refined' food would surely be of long-term benefit.'

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