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Action On Additives

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Scientific research has confirmed that mixtures of artificial food colourings and a commonly used food preservative can increase hyperactive behaviour in susceptible children.

Say NO to Additives in Children's Food!

Along with many others, FAB feels very strongly that there should be NO additives in children's food, drink or medicines - they mislead both parents and children and are often just used to cover up cheap nasty ingredients.

This website, created by the Food Commission, helps parents identify foods containing these seven additives that have been proven to cause hyperactivity:

Colourings Sunset yellow (E110)
Carmoisine (E122)
Allura red (E129)
Quinoline yellow (E104)
Tartrazine (E104)
Ponseau 4R (E124)

Preservative Sodium benzoate (E211)

This website can be found at It has been a small but impressive campaigning group that is always trying to protect the public from the worst excesses of the food industry. This website is a great idea and has been supported with a grant from the Organix Foundation.

The website is not only informative - it also asks the public to add details of any foods they see that contain these colourings and the preservative.

Already, more than 170 products are listed that contain these potentially harmful additives and this will increase as visitors to the website submit new foods and medicines.

Please take a peek at the site and let them know what you think. Help them to make this a great resource for parents and protect our children's health!