Food and Behaviour Research

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NetMums is a local information and support network for parents, and although they are primarily a local information site, they use their parent power to campaign on national issues that are of particular concern to their members.

As one of their leading campaigners said:

"The quality of our children's food is a massive issue for us. Since our junk food campaign we have been working in various ways to help our members find their way around the food maze: problem E numbers, how to read labels, simple recipes as alternatives to junk food, updates on the FSA's progress, promotion of the Children's Food Bill and more..."

'Food' pages in netmums include:

  • Netmums main 'food page'
  • The 'Food News' page
  • 'Stop Pushing Junkfood at our Children' their parents' campaign
  • 'Good Food / Bad Food'

"A word-of-mouth-on-the-web for local parents",
Netmums has 100,000 members nationwide and 80,000 visitors each month. Visit their website to find out why...