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NHD (Network Health Digest) - An independent monthly nutrition and dietetics magazine

The editorial team of NHD magazine is a veritable 'who's who' of expert dietitians and nutrition professionals. These are not editorial advisors; they all contribute independent editorial on a regular basis.

Their mission is to provide an entertaining, thought-provoking experience for dietitians, nutritionists, students and professionals with an interest in nutrition issues and to the public at large who are now taking a concerted interest in nutrition matters.
They publish 10 issues a year in the first week of each month, and if you visit their website, you'll find:

  • live news feeds
  • career/live jobs
  • a list of upcoming national and international nutrition and dietetic events
  • links to all the main nutrition websites
  • a bookstore
  • teaching tools

More than 3,400 unique users visit this online resource each month.