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The Early Nutrition Programming Project (EARNEST)

The Early Nutrition Programming project was a large collaborative investigation into the long-term consequences of early nutrition by metabolic programming (also known as 'nutritional programming').

It was funded by the European Community, and brought together a multi-disciplinary team of scientists from 38 institutions in 16 European countries.

The project was coordinated by Professor Berthold Koletzko of the Children's Hospital, University of Munich, Germany, and ran from 2005 until October 2010.

It investigated early nutrition programming using an approach which integrated knowledge from randomised controlled trials, prospective observational studies and animal, cellular and molecular techniques. This enables a better understanding of the extent to which nutritional influences in early life can programme a person's development and metabolism in adulthood.

Other aspects of the project included studies to investigate consumer attitudes to early nutrition programming and the economic importance of early nutrition programming.

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