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4 Sept 2013 - OMEGA-3 DHA and CHILDREN'S BEHAVIOUR AND LEARNING - New Insights revealed at special symposium

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At this FAB Research special symposium, researchers from the DHA Oxford Learning and Behaviour (DOLAB) Studies came together with other leading experts and stakeholders to give their unique perspectives on the very latest research findings and their implications for future research, policy and practice.

'Omega-3' has become a 'hot topic' - but much of the media coverage it attracts tends to generate more heat than light, especially in relation to children's behaviour and learning.

At this event, delegates learned what 'Omega-3' really means, which of these fats are most important (and why) and what the latest evidence actually shows.

The symposium was chaired by Lucy Jones, Registered Dietitian and Presenter of Channel 4's The Food Hospital.

Presenters included Dr Alex Richardson, Professor Paul Montgomery, Professor Michael Crawford and Mr David Rex, joined by a stakeholder panel of experts from health, education, government and the media.

Topics covered

  • Why is Omega-3 DHA uniquely important for children's behavioural and cognitive development - and what's the real evidence?
  • What is the Omega-3 status of UK school children - and how is this likely to affect their health, wellbeing and performance, both now and in the future?
  • What is needed next, in both research and practice?  And what's the real world context in whch priorities and practicalities must be balanced?
  • Working with children, families and schools - what do parents and professionals most want and need to know, and who should be telling them?


A document containing abstracts from our speakers based on the content of their presentations may be downloaded at the link below.