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21 May 2013 - Food Navigator - Obesity during pregnancy poses lifetime health risk for babies

By Rick Pendrous

A woman's diet and lifestyle before and during pregnancy, and her baby's diet in early life, can affect the infant's risk of succumbing to disease later on and this will have important implications for the food industry, a new scientific report has concluded.

According to the findings of Task Force Report - Nutrition and Development: short- and long-term consequences for health - from British Nutrition Foundation (BNF), presented at a conference for health professionals in London on 21st May, nutrition at early stages of a baby's development have a signficant impact on the long-term health of the indvidual.

The report stated that there were periods of foetal and early life development where the balance of nutrients was particularly important.  These are the 'critical windows' in development where an individual's later health and development might be 'programmed', the report concluded.