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Martina Watts MSc Nut Med BA (Hons) Dip ION

Martina Watts 2012

BANT, NTC and CNHC registered Nutritional Therapist with special experience working with children and adults suffering from digestive, behavioural and immune conditions

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The Health Bank

Web File Download: 49 Ways to Eat Yourself Well - Updated Press Release (537.41 KB)

Research Interests:

Martina Watts MSc Nut Med BA (Hons) Dip ION is a BANT, NTC and CNHC registered nutritional therapist in private practice with a special interest in digestive, behavioural and immune conditions. She completed the MSc Nutritional Medicine programme at Surrey University in 2011 with distinction. Her interest in human nutrition began after both her children were diagnosed with severe multiple allergies, and one son with Asperger’s Syndrome. Martina was a speaker at Primary Care 2011 and has convened a number of national conferences examining the impact of our age on our diet, the established links with physical and mental health problems, and how these trends can be reversed.

Martina also works as a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster (London) and an independent nutrition consultant at providing training sessions for private and third sector organisations on improving performance with nutrition science, most recently for the award-winning Fareshare Community Food network. She has worked with Brighton and Hove Council to improve school meals, and with staff at a secure unit for young offenders in Greater Manchester to implement a cost-effective and successful healthy eating project. Martina is a member of the Guild of Health Writers, a committee member of the McCarrison Society for Nutrition & Health and a keen member of Brighton’s all year round sea swimming club.

Recent Publications:

“49 Ways to Eat Yourself Well. Nutritional science one bite at a time.” M. Watts. Step Beach Press. To be published March 2013.  (Downloadable Advance Information Sheet available at the foot of this page).

“Nutrition and Addiction: a handbook. Supporting recovery from food and substance misuse with nutritional and lifestyle interventions.” M. Watts (Ed). Pavilion Publishing (Brighton) Ltd, 2011.  Purchase via FAB Research here.

Watts MK. (2011). Nutritional Therapy in Practice for Learning, Behavioural and Mood Disorders. Nutrition and Health.20 (3&4). 

“Nutrition and Mental Health: a handbook. An essential guide to the relationship between diet and mental health” M. Watts (Ed). Pavilion Publishing (Brighton) Ltd, 2008.  Purchase via FAB Research here.

“Food for thought – how the food in our fridge can affect our minds.” Mentalhealth Today. September 2008

“The modern epidemic of childhood obesity.” Optimum Nutrition Magazine. Summer 2007. 

“Diet and depression.” Foods Matter Magazine. February 2007. 

Watts M (2007). Healthy eating project at Redbank Community Home. The Nutrition Practitioner. 8 (3).

The Healthy Food Guide (2007). Free booklet on healthy lunchbox ideas produced in partnership with the Brighton & Hove Montessori School.