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Professor Jack Winkler

Jack Winkler

Formerly Professor of Nutrition Policy, London Metropolitan University

Research Interests:

Professor Jack Winkler is a former Professor of Nutrition Policy at London Metropolitan University, and is currently a Director of Food & Health Research, an independent consultancy on nutrition that works primarily with public interest organisations.  In this role, he acts as a specialist researcher, policy analyst, writer, lecturer and consumer advocate on food, nutrition, and health.  Jack is also a founder, officer and/or member of most UK voluntary groups concerned with diet and health, including London Food Commission, National Food Alliance, Coronary Prevention Group, Consensus Action on Salt and Health, Joint Health Claims Initiative, Baby Drinks Campaign, Action and Information on Sugars, and Sustain, as well as being a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of FAB Research.

Trained as sociologist at the London School of Economics and Stanford University. Has held academic posts at the University of Kent, Imperial College London, Cranfield University, King's Fund Institute, working on a wide variety of economic and social policy issues.

Recent Publications:

Author of numerous articles, research reports, briefing papers, education materials and consultation documents on diverse aspects of nutrition policy. Selected publications include:

Action Options for Omega 3s, Nutrition and Health, 2007

Imminent Applications of Nutrigenomics, in Kok, Desiere and Bouwman (Eds), Personalised Nutrition, CEC, 2007

The Fundamental Flaw in Obesity Research, Obesity Reviews, 2005

Post-Millennial Nutrition: Foods for the Future, Nutraceuticals International, 2000

Sugar Claims, with J White, AIS, London 1997