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Does vitamin C deficiency result in impaired brain development in infants?

Tveden-Nyborg P, Lykkesfeldt J. (2009) Redox Rep. 14(1) 2-6 

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Scurvy, the rare but potentially mortal manifestation of severe and prolonged lack of vitamin C, is often confused with hypovitaminosis C, i.e. the mere definition of vitamin C deficiency.

While the latter condition can be diagnosed in millions, the clinical consequences (if they exist) remain largely unknown, since only a tiny fraction of those deficient in vitamin C actually develop clinical scurvy.

Is hypovitaminosis C itself a problem at all then? Yes, it may well be in some cases.

Recent data from our laboratory suggest that the neonatal brain is particularly susceptible to vitamin C deficiency and that this condition may adversely affect early brain development.