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Developmental coordination disorder: associated problems in attention, learning, and psychosocial adjustment

Dewey D, Kaplan BJ, Crawford SG, Wilson BN. (2002) Hum Mov Sci 21(5-6) 905-18. 

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This study investigated the problems of attention, learning and psychosocial adjustment evidenced by children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD). Forty-five children identified with DCD, 51 children identified as being suspect for DCD and 78 comparison children without motor problems on standardized tests of motor function participated in this study. Results revealed that both children with DCD and children suspect for DCD obtained significantly poorer scores on measures of attention and learning (reading, writing and spelling) than comparison children. Children with DCD and those suspect for DCD were also found to evidence a relatively high level of social problems and display a relatively high level of somatic complaints based on parent report. These findings indicate that all children with movement problems are at risk for problems in attention, learning and psychosocial adjustment. Assessment of children with movement problems, regardless of the degree or severity of these problems should examine a wide range of functions in addition to motor functioning. Such an approach, would assist in determining the types of intervention that would provide the most benefit to these children. Copyright 2002 Elsevier Science B.V.