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Vitamins and minerals - News and Research

McGrath et al 2010 - Prevention And Schizophrenia--The Role of Dietary Factors
Brough et al 2010 - Effect of multiple-micronutrient supplementation on maternal nutrient status, infant birth weight and gestational age at birth in a low-income, multi-ethnic population
Haskell et al (2010) - Effects of a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement on cognitive function and fatigue during extended multi-tasking
Kennedy et al (2010) - Effects of high-dose B vitamin complex with vitamin C and minerals on subjective mood and performance in healthy males
Maes & Twisk 2010 - Chronic fatigue syndrome: Harvey and Wessely's (bio)psychosocial model versus a bio(psychosocial) model based on inflammatory and oxidative and nitrosative stress pathways
Benton 2010 - The influence of dietary status on the cognitive performance of children
Engle & Fernández 2010 - INCAP studies of malnutrition and cognitive behavior
Zaalberg et al 2010 - Effects of nutritional supplements on aggression, rule-breaking, and psychopathology among young adult prisoners
Scheltens et al 2010 - Efficacy of a medical food in mild Alzheimer's disease: A randomized, controlled trial
Dufault et al 2009 - Mercury exposure, nutritional deficiencies and metabolic disruptions may affect learning in children
Leung & Kaplan 2009 - Perinatal depression: prevalence, risks, and the nutrition link--a review of the literature.
Muthayya et al 2009 - Effect of fortification with multiple micronutrients and n-3 fatty acids on growth and cognitive performance in Indian schoolchildren: the CHAMPION Study.
Zeisel 2009 - Is maternal diet supplementation beneficial? Optimal development of infant depends on mother's diet.
Leung & Kaplan 2009 - Perinatal depression: prevalence, risks, and the nutrition link - a review of the literature.
Brown & Susser 2008 - Prenatal nutritional deficiency and risk of adult schizophrenia
Haskell et al (2008) - Cognitive and mood effects in healthy children during 12 weeks' supplementation with multi-vitamin/minerals
Rubin et al 2008 - Acne vulgaris, mental health and omega-3 fatty acids: a report of cases
Benton et al 2008 - Micronutrient status, cognition and behavioral problems in childhood.
Spahis et al 2008 - Lipid profile, fatty acid composition and pro- and anti-oxidant status in pediatric patients with ADHD.
Coleman & Chew 2007 - Nutritional supplementation in age-related macular degeneration
Sinn & Bryan 2007 - Supplementation with PUFA and micronutrients on learning and behavior problems associated with child ADHD
Hibbeln et al. 2007 - Maternal seafood consumption in pregnancy and neurodevelopmental outcomes in childhood
Georgieff 2007 - Nutrient requirements of the developing brain - review
Katzen-Luchenta 2007 - The declaration of nutrition, health, and intelligence for the child-to-be.
Antalis et al 2006 - Omega-3 fatty acid status in ADHD
Bourre 2006 - Nutrients and the brain - review part 1
Dai et al 2006 - Fruit and vegetable juices and Alzheimer's disease
Chan et al 2006 - Apple juice concentrate maintains acetylcholine levels following dietary compromise
Henderson et al 2006 - Dietary intake profile of patients with schizophrenia
Tchantchou et al 2005 - Apple juice concentrate prevents oxidative damage and impaired maze performance in aged mice
Bhat et al 2005 - Nutrition and geriatric psychiatry: a neglected field
Nye & Brice 2006 - Combined vitamin B6-magnesium treatment in autism spectrum disorder.
Yehuda et al 2005 - Mediation of cognitive function by high fat diet following stress and inflammation
Galler et al 2005 - Behavioral Effects of Childhood Malnutrition
Cordain et al 2005 - Origins and evolution of the Western diet: health implications for the 21st century
Rees et al 2005 - The nutrient intakes of mothers of low birth weight babies - a comparison of ethnic groups in East London, UK.
Chen et al 2004 - Diet and blood fatty acids in children with ADHD in Taiwan
Nutritional supplements as adjunctive therapy for children with chronic/recurrent sinusitis
McIntosh & Lawrie 2004 - Cross-national differences in diet, the outcome of schizophrenia and the prevalence of depression
Peet 2004 - International variations in schizophrenia outcome and depression prevalence in relation to national diet
Peet 2004 - Diet, diabetes and schizophrenia: review and hypothesis.
Peet 2004 - Nutrition and schizophrenia: beyond omega-3 fatty acids.
Shabayek 2004 - Assessment of the nutritional status of children with special needs in Alexandria: I. Nutrient intake and food consumption.
Iribarren et al 2004 - Dietary intake of n-3, n-6 fatty acids and fish: Relationships with hostility in young adults
Noaghiul and Hibbeln - 2003 - Cross-national comparisons of seafood consumption and rates of bipolar disorders
Black 2003 - Micronutrient deficiencies and cognitive functioning
Harding et al 2003 - Outcome-based comparison of Ritalin versus food-supplement treated children with AD/HD
Morris et al 2003 - Consumption of fish and omega-3 fatty acids and risk of incident Alzheimer's disease
Eves & Gesch 2003 - Food provision and the nutritional implications of food choices made by young adult males, in a young offenders' institution.
King 2003 - The risk of maternal nutritional depletion and poor outcomes increases in early or closely spaced pregnancies