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Vitamins and minerals - News and Research

Kaplan et al 2002 - Mineral and vitamin treatment of mood lability and explosive rage in children: two case studies
Gesch et al 2002 - Effects of dietary supplements on antisocial behaviour of prisoners: a controlled trial
Linday et al 2002 - Lemon-flavored cod liver oil and a multivitamin-mineral supplement for the secondary prevention of otitis media in young children
Nye & Brice 2002 - Combined vitamin B6-magnesium treatment in autism spectrum disorder.
Fisher et al 2002 - Parental influences on young girls' fruit and vegetable, micronutrient, and fat intakes
Kaplan et al 2001 - Effect of a mineral supplement in bipolar disorder - an open study
Kiely et al 2001 - Efficacy and safety of nutritional supplement use in adults
Arnold 2001 - Alternative treatments for adults with ADHD
Benton 2001 - Micro-nutrient supplementation and the intelligence of children
Schoenthaler et al 2000 - The effect of vitamin-mineral supplementation on the intelligence of American schoolchildren: a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial.
Neugebauer et al 1999 - Prenatal exposure to famine and development of Antisocial Personality Disorder in Early Adulthood
Peto 1991 - Vitamins and IQ.
Schoenthaler et al 1991 - Controlled trial of vitamin-mineral supplementation: effects on intelligence and performance
Benton & Roberts 1988 - Effect of vitamin and mineral supplementation on intelligence of a sample of schoolchildren
Crawford et al 1986 - A comparison of food intake during pregnancy and birthweight in high and low socioeconomic groups
Doyle et al 1982 - Dietary survey during pregnancy in a low socio-economic group