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Enough is enough.

Frei B, Ames BN, Blumberg JB, Willett WC. (2014) Ann Intern Med. 160(11) 807.  

Web URL: View this and related references via PubMed here. (No abstract available)


In this published letter to the Annals of Internal Medicine, four senior researchers take issue with a publication in this Journal last December which received widespread publicity, entitled 'Enough is Enough: Stop wasting Money on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements'.

These researchers point out serious flaws in both the reasoning used and the evidence cited by the authors of that commentary.  They also put forward arguments and evidence for the exact opposite position.

It remains to be seen whether this article will receive anything like the amount of media attention that the first one did (but knowing all too well the kinds of stories and headlines that appeal most to the mainstream media, we will not be holding our breath).