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01 September 2014 - IBT - Dr Oz: Your Diet Can Affect Your Mood, Five Diets That Help Combat Depression

Sarah Thomas

Diet can affect mood and emotions


Please find the underpinning research here: 

Lucas et al, 2014 - Inflammatory dietary pattern and risk of depression among women

There are several reasons behind a person's depression. It could be some situations like death of a dear one, social isolation or major events that occurred in your life that were different from what you expected them to be. There are also internal reasons such as illness, excessive weight gain and other personal reasons that caused depression. According to the World Health Organizationdepression is the leading cause of disease burden amongst high income countries.

A study published in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity found that those who consumed soft drinks, fatty red meat or refined grains like pasta, white bread, crackers, or chips daily were 29 to 41% more likely to be diagnosed or treated for depression. In cases like this, the most natural way of getting rid of depression, is to change your diet and include happiness boosting foods in your diet.

Dr. Oz mentioned five such foods that he said was observed support to brain chemistry to reduce depression. It also improves sleep quality that is also a major contributor to depression.