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'The Better Brain' - Book Review

Date: 07/07/2021

The 'Better Brain' is a long-awaited compilation of decades of work by two psychologists, Drs. Bonnie Kaplan and Julia Rucklidge, who have more experience treating various forms of mental illness with supplements than pretty much anyone else.

Autism: Parents of blind girl want better vitamin A testing

Date: 26/03/2021

Wider research is needed to better understand which patient groups are more at risk of developing nutritional deficiencies caused by a restrictive diet, to further inform treatment and support as appropriate.

How sure would you want to be that you have celiac disease before starting a gluten-free diet?

Date: 17/01/2021

Diagnosing celiac disease can be difficult. Some patients may be asymptomatic, while others have non-specific symptoms such as indigestion or bloating. It's thought only 30 percent of people with celiac disease are actually diagnosed.

Scientists reveal mechanism that causes irritable bowel syndrome

Date: 13/01/2021

KU Leuven researchers have identified the biological mechanism that explains why some people experience abdominal pain when they eat certain foods. The finding paves the way for more efficient treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and other food intolerances.

This Man's Increased Psychiatric Issues Masked an Undiagnosed Disease

Date: 04/01/2021

The authors of this case report the fact that celiac disease may also present primarily as behavioral disturbance in adults, particularly if there is already underlying psychiatric disease or intellectual deficits.

More turkey dinners for people with celiac disease?

Date: 21/10/2020

An international team of researchers has found that tryptophan, an amino acid present in high amounts in turkey, may help people with coeliac disease heal and respond better to a gluten-free diet

Soy, oat, almond, rice, coconut, dairy: which ‘milk’ is best for our health?

Date: 29/09/2020

Which milk is best for our health?

Unique antibody profile sets gluten sensitivity apart from coeliac disease

Date: 01/09/2020

A new study of the antibodies produced by people with gluten sensitivity may lead to a better way to detect the condition and treat it.

Review finds vitamin D and some minerals might benefit fibromyalgia sufferers

Date: 24/08/2020

A new review has found some promise for the use of vitamin D and mineral supplementation to support fibromyalgia sufferers. There was less evidence in favor of vitamins C and E and probiotics, however.

27 February 2020 - MedicalXpress - Researchers confirm celiac disease can damage the brain

Date: 27/02/2020

People living with celiac disease (CD) have a higher risk of neurological damage according to a new study from the University of Sheffield.

5 February 2020 - MedicalXpress - Gluten-free and dairy-free diets: No effect on behavior of children with autism spectrum disorders

Date: 05/02/2020

Research conducted at the UGR reaffirms that gluten- and casein-free diets are not helpful as a standardised treatment for all children diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. It may be that those cases with associated gastrointestinal disorders may benefit from such an approach.

25 November 2019 - The Conversation - How does a piece of bread cause a migraine?

Date: 25/11/2019

When someone suffers from celiac disease – a digestive disorder caused by an autoimmune response to gluten – there is a clear link between migraine headaches and gluten.

5 November 2019 - Psychology Today - An Autoimmune Reaction to Gluten May Cause Childhood Anxiety

Date: 05/11/2019

New research links markers for celiac disease with anxiety in children.

28 October 2019 - MedicalXpress - Gluten-free diets won't help healthy guts

Date: 28/10/2019

Healthy people who avoid gluten by choice may not get any benefit from the gluten-free restriction on their diet, according to new research.

28 October 2019 - Spectrum News - Analysis finds little evidence to support dietary interventions for autism

Date: 28/10/2019

Special diets that eliminate certain foods or contain added supplements have minimal impact on autism traits, according to a review of data from 27 clinical trials.

Paleo-type diet lowers fatigue in multiple sclerosis patients by raising good cholesterol

Date: 15/08/2019

Higher levels of blood high-density lipoprotein (HDL) - or good cholesterol - may improve fatigue in multiple sclerosis patients, according to a new study.

Association between celiac disease risk and gluten intake confirmed

Date: 14/08/2019

An extensive study has confirmed that the risk of developing celiac disease is connected to the amount of gluten children consume. The new study is observational and therefore does not prove causation; however, it is the most comprehensive of its kind to date.

Out of my wheelchair and back on my bike: why I’m putting MS diet to the test

Date: 22/07/2019

"By identifying the key nutrients important to brain health, I redesigned my paleo diet. I wanted to maximise my intake of the nutrients I’d been taking in supplement form – getting them instead directly from the food I ate."

28 June 2019 - Questioning Answers - Roger Moore's eyebrows, ADHD and coeliac disease part 2

Date: 28/06/2019

Behaviourally defined diagnostic labels such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) seem to rarely exist in some sort of clinical vacuum. Part of that vacuum also potentially encompasses a range of somatic symptoms and/or diagnostic labels.

7 June 2019 - MedicalXpress - High fiber during pregnancy reduces risk of celiac disease in children, research finds

Date: 07/06/2019

High fibre intake during pregnancy is linked with a decreased risk of coeliac disease in children, new research suggests.