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04 May 2015 - Eurekalert - Nanoparticles in consumer products can significantly alter normal gut microbiome

Date: 04/05/2015

Exposure of a model human colon to metal oxide nanoparticles, at levels that could be present in foods, consumer goods, or treated drinking water, led to multiple, measurable differences in the normal microbial community that inhabits the human gut.

Early Exposure to Antibiotics Linked With Obesity

Date: 28/04/2015

Antibiotic exposure early in life is strongly linked with an increased risk of childhood obesity, according to results from a large, retrospective, longitudinal cohort study.

16 April 2015 - MedicalXpress - Western lifestyle may limit the diversity of bacteria in the gut

Date: 16/04/2015

Bacteria that naturally reside in the gut are important for health, but recent studies consistently show that a modern lifestyle depletes the gut's collection of microbes.

Artificial Sweeteners May Change Our Gut Bacteria in Dangerous Ways

Date: 01/04/2015

Substances such as saccharin may alter the type of bacteria inside us, could lead to obesity

31 March 2015 - MedicalXpress - Understanding fish oil benefits during pregnancy

Date: 31/03/2015

A study by University of Western Australia has advanced understanding of why children whose mothers take fish oil supplements during pregnancy have greater health benefits.

25 March 2015 - MNT - Father inspired after child's autism improved by course of antibiotic

Date: 25/03/2015

A parent has been prompted to investigate the connections between gut bacteria and autism following surprising improvements in his son's autism while taking an antibiotic for strep throat.

22 March 2015 - ScienceDaily - Special microbes make anti-obesity molecule in the gut

Date: 22/03/2015

Microbes may just be the next diet craze. Researchers have programmed bacteria to generate a molecule that, through normal metabolism, becomes a hunger-suppressing lipid.

21 February 2015 - MIA - “Transformational” Breakthroughs In Our Understandings of Nutrition and Brain Health

Date: 21/02/2015

"We live in a transformational moment for understanding the etiology of mental disorders," stated a team of researchers led by MIA Blogger Bonnie Kaplan of the University of Calgary publishing in Clinical Psychological Science.

05 February 2015 - ScienceDaily - Another breastfeeding benefit: Preparing baby's belly for solid food

Date: 05/02/2015

Researchers found that a baby’s diet during the first few months of life has a profound influence on the composition, diversity, and stability of the gut microbiome. These factors influence the baby’s ability to transition from milk to solid foods and may have long-term health effects.

23 January 2015 - Medical News Today - You are what you eat - how gut bacteria affect brain health

Date: 23/01/2015

The hundred trillion bacteria living in an adult human-mostly in the intestines, making up the gut microbiome-have a significant impact on behavior and brain health.

13 January 2015 - Nutraingredients - Early human microbiome studies may aid modern nutrition science

Date: 13/01/2015

A better understanding of the ancient human microbiome could contribute to a better understanding of health and nutrition today, say researchers.

08 January 2015 - Science Daily - Could gut microbes help treat brain disorders? Mounting research tightens their connection with the brain

Date: 08/01/2015

The community of microbes that inhabits the body, known as the microbiome, has a powerful influence on the brain and may offer a pathway to new therapies for psychiatric and neurological disorders, according to researchers.

02 December 2014 - MNT - 'Friendly viruses' as beneficial to gut health as 'friendly bacteria'

Date: 02/12/2014

Researchers believe they have found the first strong indication that the gut is a natural home to viruses that are as helpful as "friendly bacteria" in maintaining health and keeping infection at bay.

12 November 2014 - Nature - Gut-brain link grabs neuroscientists

Date: 12/11/2014

Idea that intestinal bacteria affect mental health gains ground.

07 November 2014 - Medical News Today - Weight 'influenced by gut bacteria'

Date: 07/11/2014

Past research has suggested that weight may be influenced by genes. A new study builds on this concept, revealing that our genetic makeup shapes what type of bacteria live in the gut, which may affect how heavy we are.

15 August 2014 - ScienceDaily- Do gut bacteria rule our minds? In an ecosystem within us, microbes evolved to sway food choices

Date: 15/08/2014

Bacteria within us - which outnumber our own cells about 100-fold - may very well be affecting both our cravings and moods to get us to eat what they want, and often are driving us toward obesity.

25 July 2014 - Monitoring rise and fall of the microbiome

Date: 25/07/2014

Trillions of bacteria live in each person's digestive tract. Scientists believe that some of these bacteria help digest food and stave off harmful infections, but their role in human health is not well understood.

Psychobiotics can feed gut-brain health axis

Date: 05/06/2014

Evidence is building that links the gut microbiome and brain function and ‘psychobiotics’ are at the heart of that, says a leading Irish researcher working in the field for more than five years.

10 Dec 2013 - Medical News Today - Autism-like behaviors in mice alleviated by probiotic therapy

Date: 10/12/2013

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is diagnosed when individuals exhibit characteristic behaviors that include repetitive actions, decreased social interactions, and impaired communication. Curiously, many individuals with ASD also suffer from gastrointestinal (GI) issues, such as abdominal cramps and constipation.