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Energy Drink Overconsumption in Adolescents: Implications for Arrhythmias and Other Cardiovascular Events.

Sanchis-Gomar F, Pareja-Galeano H, Cervellin G, Lippi G, Earnest CP (2015) Can J Cardiol. 

Web URL: Read the OPEN ACCESS article on the Can J Cardiol website here


Energy drinks (EDs) have increased in popularity and are now consumed by 30%-50% of adolescents (ie, aged 10-19 years) and young adults.

It is now estimated that 31% of 12- to 19-year old adolescents regularly consume EDs.

Alcohol mixed with energy drinks has also become increasingly popular among adolescents and college students.

EDs mainly differ from other soft and sports drinks regarding their high caffeine content and their promotion as a means to relieve fatigue and improve physical and cognitive performance.