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We have information about a wide variety of conditions where behaviour, learning and mood are linked with food and nutrition. You can browse this information by condition, by selecting a condition from the left hand menu, or by audience, by selecting an audience type from the filter box on the right hand side of the page.

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News 12 January 2017 - BBC - Brain activity 'key in stress link to heart disease'
News 11 January 2017 - Eurekalert - Study explains how western diet leads to overeating and obesity
News 11 January 2017 - Eurekalert - The Lancet: Study unveils how stress may increase risk of heart disease and stroke
News 11 January 2017 - Eurekalert - Study first to connect stress-associated brain activity with cardiovascular risk
Research Paper Tawakol et al 2017 - Relation between resting amygdalar activity and cardiovascular events
News 10 January 2017 - MedicalXpress - Consumption of low-calorie sweeteners jumps by 200 percent in US children
Research Paper Sylvetsky et al 2017 - Consumption of Low-Calorie Sweeteners among Children and Adults in the United States
Research Paper Hughes et al 2017 - B-Vitamin Intake and Biomarker Status in Relation to Cognitive Decline in Healthy Older Adults in Follow-Up Study
Research Paper Thompson et al 2017 - Dietary Prebiotics and Bioactive Milk Fractions Improve NREM Sleep, Enhance REM Sleep Rebound and Attenuate the Stress-Induced Decrease in Diurnal Temperature and Gut Microbial Alpha Diversity
Research Paper Thompson et al 2017 - Dietary Prebiotics and Bioactive Milk Fractions Improve Sleep and Attenuate Stress-Induced Decrease in Diurnal Temperature and Gut Microbial Alpha Diversity.
Research Paper Pan et al 2017 - Neurometabolic Disorders: Potentially Treatable Abnormalities in Patients With Treatment-Refractory Depression and Suicidal Behavior.
Research Paper Cummings et al 2016 - Effect Size Analyses of Souvenaid in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease.
Research Paper Messamore et al 2017 - Polyunsaturated fatty acids and recurrent mood disorders: Phenomenology, mechanisms, and clinical application.
Research Paper Argueta and DiPatrizio 2017 - Peripheral endocannabinoid signaling controls hyperphagia in western diet-induced obesity
Research Paper Asiful et al 2017 - Alzheimer's Disease and Natural Products: Future Regimens Emerging From Nature
Research Paper Yeung et al 2017 - Parental Obesity and Early Childhood Development.
News 3 Jan 2017 - Psych Central - Parents’ Obesity May Slow Child Development
News 5 Jan 2017 - FoodNavigator - Mediterranean diet linked to increased brain volume, say scientists
News 3 Jan 2017 - ScienceDaily - Zinc eaten at levels found in biofortified crops reduces 'wear and tear' on DNA
Research Paper Luciano et al 2017 - Mediterranean-type diet and brain structural change from 73 to 76 years in a Scottish cohort