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We have information about a wide variety of conditions where behaviour, learning and mood are linked with food and nutrition. You can browse this information by condition, by selecting a condition from the left hand menu, or by audience, by selecting an audience type from the filter box on the right hand side of the page.

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Research Paper Lafourcade et al 2011 - Nutritional omega-3 deficiency abolishes endocannabinoid-mediated neuronal functions
News 26 Jan 2011 - Science Daily - Eating Poorly Can Make You Blue: Trans-Fats Increase Risk of Depression, While Olive Oil Helps Avoid Risk
Research Paper Sánchez-Villegas et al 2011 - Dietary Fat Intake and the Risk of Depression: The SUN Project
Research Paper Negro et al 2011 - Hypothyroxinemia and Pregnancy.
Research Paper Khuwaja et al 2011 - Neuroprotective effects of curcumin on induced Parkinsonism in rats
Research Paper Validation of a food frequency questionnaire to assess intake of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in subjects with and without major depressive disorder
Research Paper Turner et al 2011 - Maintenance of remission in inflammatory bowel disease using omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil): a systematic review and meta-analyses
Research Paper Trevizol et al 2011 - Comparison of omega-6, trans and omega-3 fatty acids on repeated amphetamine exposure: a possible factor for the development of mania.
Research Paper Nimitphong & Holick 2011 - Vitamin D, neurocognitive functioning and immunocompetence
Research Paper Levant 2011 - Omega-3 Fatty acids in postpartum depression: implications for prevention and treatment.
Research Paper Koletzko et al 2011 - Genetic variants of the FADS gene cluster predict amounts of RBC DHA and other PUFA in pregnant women
Research Paper Jacques et al 2011 - Long-term effects of prenatal omega-3 intake on visual function in school-age children
Research Paper Gao et al 2011 - Omega-3 PUFA supplements and cognitive decline: Singapore Longitudinal Aging Studies
Research Paper Brown 2011 - The environment and susceptibility to schizophrenia
Research Paper Fisk et al 2007 - Influences on the quality of young children's diets: the importance of maternal food choices
Document The DOLAB Study - The Docosahexaneoic Acid (DHA) Oxford Learning and Behavior Study
Research Paper Brion et al 2011 - Intrauterine Effects of Maternal Prepregnancy Overweight on Child Cognition and Behavior in 2 Cohorts
Research Paper Harris et al 2010 - Effects of serving high-sugar cereals on children's breakfast-eating behavior
Research Paper Ramsden CE et al 2010 - n-6 Fatty acid-specific and mixed polyunsaturate dietary interventions have different effects on CHD risk: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials
Research Paper Jans et al 2010 - The efficacy of n-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA (fish oil) for perinatal depression