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We have information about a wide variety of conditions where behaviour, learning and mood are linked with food and nutrition. You can browse this information by condition, by selecting a condition from the left hand menu, or by audience, by selecting an audience type from the filter box on the right hand side of the page.

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Research Paper Steele et al 2006 - The molecular basis of the prevention of Alzheimer's disease through healthy nutrition
Research Paper Barden et al 2006 - Omega-3 during pregnancy in women with allergic disease: effects on blood pressure, and maternal and fetal lipid
Research Paper Freemantle et al 2006 - Omega-3 fatty acids, energy substrates, and brain function during aging
Research Paper Langdon 2006 - Has an aquatic diet been necessary for hominin brain evolution and functional development?
Research Paper Nemets et al 2006 - Omega-3 treatment of childhood depression: a controlled, double-blind pilot study.
Research Paper Bell and Tepper 2006 - Short-term vegetable intake by young children classified by 6-n-propylthoiuracil bitter-taste phenotype
News Rickets rises among city's young
News Omega-3 fatty acids may help kids with depression
Research Paper Lucas et al 2006 - Is the current public health message on UV exposure correct?
News Brain food: Why the Government wants your child to take Omega-3, the fish oil supplement
News 7 June 2006 - The Daily Mail - Which fish oil brands are best for children?
Research Paper Coti Bertrand et al 2006 - Maternal dietary (n-3) fatty acid deficiency alters neurogenesis in the embryonic rat brain.
Research Paper Francis et al 2006 - The effect of flavanol-rich cocoa on the fMRI response to a cognitive task in healthy young people.
Research Paper Hibbeln et al 2006 - Healthy intakes of n-3 and n-6 fatty acids: estimations considering worldwide diversity.
Research Paper Li et al 2006 - Omega 6 / omega 3 imbalance early in life leads to persistent reductions in DHA in rat hypothalamus.
Research Paper Parker et al 2006 - Omega-3 fatty acids and mood disorders.
Research Paper Schaffer et al 2006 - Plant foods and brain aging: a critical appraisal.
Research Paper Sublette et al 2006 - Omega-3 PUFA status as a predictor of future suicide risk.
Research Paper Feeding Minds: The impact of food on mental health - Mental Health Foundation
Research Paper Kirkham and Tucci 2006 - Endocannabinoids in appetite control and the treatment of obesity