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We have information about a wide variety of conditions where behaviour, learning and mood are linked with food and nutrition. You can browse this information by condition, by selecting a condition from the left hand menu, or by audience, by selecting an audience type from the filter box on the right hand side of the page.

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Research Paper Barton et al 1990 - Low plasma iron status and akathisia
Research Paper Arnold et al 1990 - Does hair zinc predict amphetamine improvement of ADD/hyperactivity?
Research Paper Doyle et al 1989 - Nutritional vitamin B12 deficiency in infancy: three case reports and a review of the literature.
Research Paper Wilson & Scott 1989 - A double-blind assessment of additive intolerance in children.
Research Paper Vaddadi et al 1989 - A controlled trial of fatty acid supplements in patients with tardive dyskinesia
Research Paper Galler and Ramsey 1989 - A follow-up study of the influence of early malnutrition on development: behavior at home and at school
Research Paper Arnold et al 1989 - GLA for ADHD: placebo-controlled comparison to D-amphetamine. Associate Only content
Research Paper Rowe 1988 - Synthetic food colourings and 'hyperactivity': a double-blind crossover study.
Research Paper Benton & Roberts 1988 - Effect of vitamin and mineral supplementation on intelligence of a sample of schoolchildren
Document Diamond 1987 - The worst mistake in the history of the human race
Research Paper Brown et al 1987 - Low serum iron status and akathisia
Research Paper Stollhoff & Schulte 1987 - Vitamin B12 and brain development.
Research Paper Aman et al 1987 - Effects of EFA supplementation in hyperactive children
Research Paper Mitchell et al 1987 - Clinical features and serum fatty acids in hyperactive children
Research Paper Crawford et al 1986 - A comparison of food intake during pregnancy and birthweight in high and low socioeconomic groups
Research Paper Baker 1985 - A biochemical approach to the problem of dyslexia.
Research Paper Galaburda et al 1985 - Developmental dyslexia: four consecutive patients with cortical anomalies
Research Paper Dohan et al 1984 - Is schizophrenia rare if grain is rare?
Research Paper Horrobin et al 1984 - Effects of EFA on prostaglandin biosynthesis
Research Paper Mitchell et al 1983 - Essential fatty acids and maladjusted behaviour in children.