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We have information about a wide variety of conditions where behaviour, learning and mood are linked with food and nutrition. You can browse this information by condition, by selecting a condition from the left hand menu, or by audience, by selecting an audience type from the filter box on the right hand side of the page.

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News How obesity dismantles our mitochondria: Study reveals key mechanism behind obesity-related metabolic dysfunction
Research Paper Xia W et al 2024 - Obesity causes mitochondrial fragmentation and dysfunction in white adipocytes due to RalA activation
News Risk of iodine deficiency in vegan diets highlighted by data on customer shopping habits
News Clues to autism's causes may lie in the gut
News Six Healthy Lifestyle Habits Linked to Slowed Memory Decline
Research Paper Jia J et al 2024Association between healthy lifestyle and memory decline in older adults: 10 year, population based, prospective cohort study
News New Meta-analysis Shows High Dose Omega-3s Outperform Migraine Medications
Research Paper Kaldenbach S et al 2024 - Energy drink consumption and sleep parameters in college and university students: a national cross-sectional study
News Energy drinks linked to poor sleep quality and insomnia among college students
News Evidence shows risks associated with energy drinks in children
Research Paper Dufault R et al 2024 - Nutritional epigenetics education improves diet and attitude of parents of children with autism or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
News Wheat diet may exacerbate multiple sclerosis severity, research finds
News Third major study finds that multivitamin supplements improve memory and slow cognitive aging in older adults
Research Paper Vyas C et al 2024 - Effect of multivitamin-mineral supplementation versus placebo on cognitive function: results from the clinic subcohort of the COcoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study (COSMOS) randomized clinical trial and meta-analysis of 3 cognitive studies within COSMOS
News What’s the best diet for healthy sleep? A nutritional epidemiologist explains what food choices will help you get more restful z’s
News Diet in childhood linked to blood vessel damage in teenage years
Research Paper Mansilla et al 2024 - Detecting iodine deficiency risks from dietary transitions using shopping data
News Irritable bowel syndrome patients found to suffer higher rates of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
Research Paper Buckland G et al 2024 - Associations of childhood diet quality scores with arterial stiffness and carotid artery intima-media thickness in adolescence/early adulthood: findings from the ALSPAC cohort
Research Paper Hujoel I et al 2024 - Investigating the role of iron status in the development of coeliac disease: a Mendelian randomisation study