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The “Gut Microbiota for Health experts exchange” is a community where experts can share news, innovation and information on the topics of gut microbiota.

the "Gut Microbiota for Health 1st World Summit" (March 26-28th, 2012)


Genesis & goal

The “Gut Microbiota for Health experts exchange” was created to go along with the “Gut Microbiota for Health 1st World Summit” (March 26-28th, 2012) organized by the Gut Microbiota and Health section of the ESNM. 

What will you find here?

The content of “The Gut Microbiota For Health Experts Exchange” offers a selection of current topics of conversation organized around the cross-cutting themes of: digestive healthimmune functionmetabolic conditionsgut brain axisresearch toolstrends and discoveriesnutrition, and probiotics. Each topic is enriched by a selection of articles from scientific literature, traditional media, social media and the best contributions of users. A media room is also included in the platform to help identify key scientific events, important press releases and more. The new content is sent to the members through our Gut Microbiota for Health newsletter twice a month. 


The experts exchange’s discussions of are moderated by specialists of the scientific community checking their scientific accuracy and conformity with the general principles of medical deontology.